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End Date of League of Legends Season 11

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Season 11 of Legend of Legends has been full of new content and awesome updates, from the starting of the season with all the new Mythic and Legendary Items to Dragon changes, League has changed a lot this season.

But now we’re closing to the end, and with the end of the season comes new difficulties for all players, players that think that there is enough time to get their final and desired rank, it’s usually wrong to think that way on the season end because around this time ranked play is much harder than when we’re in midseason.

Players at the end of the season are all trying their absolute best to finish higher rank to receive all the rewards that come with season-ending, so it can get harder for you to climb the ladder unless you choose a League boosting service to help you out reaching your goals.

We already know that Worlds are being played and live, which means that the end of the season is right around the corner, and once World’s ends there will be only two more weeks of ranked play.

Season 11 started on January 8 so it will end somewhere around November 11 and 12, for that reason, if you want to climb the ladder you should start playing right away or there won’t be enough time, and you will lose the rewards given, such as Victorious Skin.

With the End Date of League of Legends Season 11 it also comes a pre-season for the upcoming Season, Riot developers already stated that there won’t be a lot of changes but instead improvements on what was changed this season so the game can be better for everyone.

Right after Season 11 ends, ranked will be closed and 2/3 days later pre-season will start with all the changes for the new season so players can test it out for 2 months till January, that’s when new Season 12 will start.

If you are not Gold yet to receive the Victorious skin or if you are Grandmaster and want to end the season on Challenger, now it’s the time to put some effort and try hard on the rift to get your final rank before the season ends.

Every Victorious Skin ever and the new Victorious Oriana league of legends  - YouTube


Good luck on the rift summoner! Bye, Bye Season 11, welcome Season 12!

Posted : October 2, 2021 1:10 PM