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The Dark Side of... (Wrestling, Football, others)

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There is a show called The Dark Side of Wrestling, and it kind of spawned off other shows. I heard recently there was a Dark Side of Football. And I think there are other shows coming about TV and Movies and more. 

Has anyone watched these shows? They're like an hour long+ documentary series that talks about the life of someone. For example, Dark Side of Wrestling, shows the dark side of pro wrestling and usually showcases a single wrestler or a certain thing that happened in pro wrestling. It's a really good show. I saw they also did a dark side of football, and that too was interesting. 

Do you guys know of their other shows? 

Posted : August 11, 2021 11:54 AM
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I've watched a bit of the wrestling show, but haven't touched the football one. I think there was one for Hollywood as well, but I can't garauntee. 

I'm all for more documentaries like this to come out. They do a good job at reporting on the past. 

Posted : August 12, 2021 5:08 PM