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Young Sheldon is an American sitcom that follows the life of Sheldon Cooper, lead character from The Big Bang Theory. As the title suggests, the show revolves around the life of The Big Bang Theory’s main character, Sheldon Cooper from the age of nine. It is narrated by the actor who played the older version of Sheldon Cooper in the ‘The Big Bang Theory’. 

This prequel of the famous “Big Bang Theory” began airing in 2017 and is still on the run. It has completed a total of seventy episodes. Further episodes are to be announced for the show in which Sheldon will be seen attending college. 

About the show

Young Sheldon has four seasons so far and episodes are in the process to be released in January. The four years of Sheldon’s life are portrayed in the four seasons of the show respectively. In these four years, Sheldon is seen to struggle with socializing due to his lack of skills in the area. He is shown to think highly of himself due to his extraordinary intellect. However, as the show progresses, he understands that having a high IQ cannot help him deal with the challenges of life. 

In the first episode, he is seen to be attending the ninth grade with his older brother George.

Additionally, due to his extraordinary high IQ, he has been promoted four grades and finishes high school at the age of 10.

The episode progresses showing the two brothers going to the same high school. It is their first day back at school where Sheldon fascinates people with his vast knowledge and understanding. Meanwhile, George seems to be having trouble dealing with having to attend the same class as his younger brother. 

Cast and characters

The cast, unlike The Big Bang Theory, consists of Sheldon’s family instead of his friends.

Iain Armitage (Young Sheldon); The young American actor plays the main character Sheldon, who is excellent at mathematics and science.

Montana Jordan (George Cooper); George, who is commonly known as Georgie, envies his brother for his high IQ and bullies him. Unlike, Sheldon, he is an average student and is often teased by Meemaw and Sheldon for it.

Raegan Revord (Melissa Cooper); Missy Cooper is a fraternal twin sister of Sheldon. She is charming, has an amazing sense of humor, and is an extrovert.

Zoe Perry (Mary Cooper); Perry plays the role of a loving and amazing mother of young Sheldon. She is the daughter of Laurie Metcalf, who played the role of Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory.

Lance Barber (George Cooper Sr); Barber plays the role of Sheldon’s father. He supports Missy and Georgie, but unlike Mary, doesn’t support Sheldon much.

Annie Potts (Meemaw); Young Sheldon’s favorite family member, Meemaw is Mary Cooper’s mother and Sheldon shows no resentment towards her.

Other recurring characters in the show include Pastor Jeffrey who works in the Cooper family’s church and appears frequently. This character is played by the actor, Matt Hobby. Additionally, Sheldon’s friend Tam Nguyen, played by Ryan Phuong, who also appeared once in The Big Bang Theory is a constant character in the show. He is the only friend Sheldon has and through which Sheldon develops an interest in comic books. 

Billy Sparks is also one of the significant characters who live in the same neighborhood as Sheldon and bullies him. Moreover, the cast also consists of many of Sheldon’s teachers such as Victoria MacElroy who plays Sheldon’s English teacher, Evelyn Ingram as his Mathematics teacher, and Hubert Givens as a science teacher at Sheldon’s high school. 

Where does the show take place

 The show is filmed in Burbank which is a city in California and this is where The Big Bang theory was also shot. All episodes are shot in one city which is Burbank as Warner Bros, the creators of the show, have their studio here.

Young Sheldon shows the early years of Sheldon Cooper’s life. It is set in the late 1980s when Cooper lives with his parents in Texas. He is an extraordinary child who is very intellectual but is socially awkward. There are many episodes in the show with scenes that portray the events of the 1900s such as the one where Sheldon is listening to the announcement of the Nobel Prize which occurred back in the 1990s. 

Young Sheldon vs The Big Bang Theory

Both shows have been massive hits with high IMDB ratings. There are huge differences in the cast and characters as well as the plot of the shows despite both revolving around the same character. However, both show a different phase of Sheldon’s life which is why the casting has been very different and many new characters have been added to the new series. 

Young Sheldon has been received as the funnier show if the comedy level of the two series is compared. Fans say that despite The Big Bang Theory having more jokes, they find young Sheldon more amusing because his jokes are far clearer than in The Big Band Theory. Many have said that the said show contains some jokes that are too intellectual to be understood. 

Nevertheless, fans love The Big Bang Theory which is what has kept them engaged in Young Sheldon. Many find it interesting to watch a character’s early life, who’s grown up the life they are well acquainted with. Moreover, the addition of new characters and Sheldon’s young experiences make the show more entertaining to watch. 

One of the reasons why Young Sheldon has received some criticism is that it does not comply with some facts provided in ‘The Big Bang Theory’. One such fact is that in The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper says that he was bullied in high school. However, in Young Sheldon, there has been no scene of potential bullying. 

Also, the character of Meemaw seems to be portrayed quite differently in Young Sheldon than in The Big Bang Theory where she was shown as possessing unconventional thinking. In young Sheldon, Meemaw is entirely different shown as quite exciting and fun to be around. 

Young Sheldon Age rating

Young Sheldon has has an age rating in the U.S. as “TV-PG” (unsuitable for younger children and parental guidance is recommended). It is a very fun show to watch with many exciting things for children to learn as well as socially awkward children to relate to. It is also fascinating to see Sheldon being capable of doing things at quite early age unusual for a child of his age. Also, it shows the love Sheldon has for his parents and the affection between the parents and the child which makes it another good entertainment for young children. A good thing about the show is that it is popular not only in Big Bang Theory fans. The show is rated 7.4/10 by IMDB and 76% on Rotten Tomatoes. It has a wide fan-following over the world.

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