One drama movie that really moved you?

One drama movie that really moved you?

Postby 003 » Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:30 am

What movie that really moved you and that if you would be asked to recommend a drama movie to watch you will recommend? For me, I think it's the 2008 film, Fireproof. At first, I didn't what this was all about. We watched in the class. Usually, I hate the films teachers would play in the class for their students to watch and reflect on. So, at first, I didn't bother to pay attention, but since I was not sleepy, I didn't have much choice but to watch. And paying attention to it just took me away. At then end, I was crying. I didn't even notice that I am not talking to anybody in the class. I didn't notice that I was actually enjoying the film. And in the end, it turned out be one of the most moving films that I've watch and one that I will recommend to others to watch also. It's a kind of a comfort film. Of course, it's very comforting. Nevertheless, there's a big likelihood that you are going to cry with this film. One time, I happen to ask this to my friend, I didn't tell her that I cried. To my surprise, she actually did.

I didn't put the trailer here. Just watch it, so you wouldn't have any expectations. Stop entertaining any expectation that's coming in your head. It's just going to ruin the experience.
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Re: One drama movie that really moved you?

Postby zararian » Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:43 am

I am not familiar with that movie, might try searching about that if I would want to watch a drama.
I think I can recommend the movie, the curious case Benjamin Button. It was a touching and intriguing movie.
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